The right bandage

Often people suffer from injured body parts such as injured bones and joints that need to be protected. To ensure healing, people have worn bandages since ancient times. Nowadays, bandages are made of elastic fabric, which on the one hand serve the protection as well as the prevention of injuries, for example in sports. Since the range of possible injuries is very wide, there are also the most different types of bandages. These include bandages for the knee, hand, ankle, ankle, elbow, back, ankle and shoulder. This list can be expanded for almost every imaginable body part.

Especially in sports intensive work with bandages. As we already know, you will be used here to prevent injuries. For example, in tennis there are extra bandages for the so-called tennis elbow. This tennis elbow, or often referred to as a golfer's elbow, can arise in all activities where the hand must permanently access the bent elbow. But not only in tennis bandages are often used. Also in football or basketball, it often happens that the athletes must wear knee bandages, wristbands or bandages for the wrist.

In order to support you in your choice, we offer in our orthopedic store a wide range of different bandages. Here is a short overview of the bandages we offer:

  • Handwraps
  • thumb bandages
  • finger bandages
  • back bandages
  • body Wraps
  • Knee bandages
  • thigh bandages
  • Wade bandages
  • Ankle bandages
  • elbow bandages
  • shoulder bandages
  • hip bandages
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