The choice of the optimal pillow!

If you suffer from neck pain in the morning after getting up, it is likely to be due to a wrong sleeping position. Often we either sleep too high or too low. With the right pillow for sleep you can counteract this. It lends itself here to put on an orthopedic neck pillow and neck support pillow. These bring your head and shoulders in the right position thanks to the elastic foam, so that you get the best night's sleep.

The neck support pillow is recommended for side sleepers as well as back sleepers. Extra for side sleepers there are special side sleeper cushions. This is a type of pillow that has the shape of a long roll. Since nearly half of all people worldwide sleep on their side, it is advisable to use side-sleeper pillows for these people. These allow similar to the neck pillow an anatomically correct posture during sleep.

In addition to the classic pillow for nocturnal sleep, there are other types of pillows. Nursing pillows, which are used to breastfeed babies, as well as seat cushions, which consist of a flat pad and are placed on a hard surface to make sitting more comfortable, are popular here. Here you will find a whole range of different types of pillows. Starting with the cushions mentioned above, right through to pillows, neck cushions and wedge cushions, we have plenty to find. Here is a list to show you the number of different types of pillows we offer for you:

  • nursing pillows
  • seat cushions
  • Neck pillow / neck support pillow
  • Side sleeper pillow
  • pillowcases
  • head pillow
  • travel pillow
  • bolster
  • neck cushion
  • Spelled pillows
  • sleep pillow
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