If it comes to malpositions in the human foot this can cause unpleasant pain. These misalignments of the foot bear names such as splayfoot, kinkfoot, flatfoot, hollow foot or pointed foot. Many people do not even notice that they suffer from these foot deformities. Usually it only comes to complaints when those affected suffer from congested ligaments or overstretched tendons. Therefore, you should necessarily resort to orthopedic insoles in tired or achy feet but also in the classic deformity of the foot.

Orthopedic insoles have the purpose of reducing the pain in the foot. They also help in stabilizing and guiding the foot. The foot is the foundation of the body. This relieves the feet, the knee, the hip joint and the back at the same time. So they work biomechanically and supportive for every human foot. It does not matter if you suffer from heel spurs or chronic foot diseases under spreading feet.

In order to be able to help those who suffer from heel spurs, ie the heel pain when they occur with the sole of the foot, we also offer heel cushions in addition to insoles. Heel pads also called heel pads relieve their muscles and tendons in the foot and calf area. They are anatomically shaped and thus reduce the impact load on joints and the spine.

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  • Hallux Valgus Toe Spreader
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