Here you will find the best protection for your feet!

Heel pain is often accompanied by a stinging pain, which can have various causes. Overuse of the Achilles tendon causes stinging pain. Inflammation of the bursa as well as irritation of the soleplate plays an important role. To effectively counteract this pain, we recommend wearing heel cushions. These heel pads relieve the heels in heel spurs and back complaints and act like a shock absorber in the shoe and protect you at every step from overloading your foot. In our shop you will find heel spur insoles which are also available as gel insoles and help you to protect your heels.

Especially women who like to wear high heels often suffer from a splayfoot in combination with a hallux valgus. In the case of the Hallux Valgus feet are narrowed and deformed by wearing too tight shoes in their shape. The splayed foot causes the widespread malposition of the big toes (Hallux valgus). With the aid of a toe spreader, the big toe is put back in the right position and at the same time the malposition of the foot is counteracted. If you want to do without surgery, toe separators are ideal for you. By using a toe spreader or a hallux valgus splint, in addition to changing the position of the toes, the pain caused by the hallux valgus is also relieved.

Due to age often pain in the sole of the foot occur, which was triggered by the wear of the football. Forefoot pain in particular concentrates on the area of the bale and sometimes the toes. To curb this pain and artificially restore the ball of the foot, there are pads. These pads provide the pressure that lies on the painful areas and at the same time ensure that the patient feels less pain and that a pleasant feeling of movement develops.

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